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During the late 19th century there were 54 quarries producing Heather Purple slate in Wales and 1 UK owned quarry producing Heather Purple slate in Newfoundland. There is now one quarry producing dark brown slate in the UK and  one quarry producing Heather Purple slate in Newfoundland.

The 19th Century slates from the UK and Canada were imperial in size, heather purple in colour and supplied as 'Best's' that were 4-6mm thick.

Slate from Newfoundland is still supplied in imperial sizes and thicknesses and in the original purple colour similar to that supplied 100 years ago. Welsh slate is no longer supplied in this old colour or size or thickness.

For sound geological reasons all Slate produced in Wales and Newfoundland is considered to be from the same formation, having been laid down in the one bed during the Cambrian era 500 million years ago when what is now North America was part of Europe prior to being separated by the Atlantic Ocean 250 million years later.

In Heritage refurbishment matters architects often apply a "like with like" test. Newfoundland's slate passes all three tests of size, thickness and colour. With recent changes in colour plus a change to Metric sizes Welsh slate does not pass the "like with like" test in colour size or thickness. The smaller metric sizes also raise a practical problem if partial refurbishment or individual slate replacement is undertaken.

When refurbishing any roof, life cycle costs should be considered. Good slate such as Newfoundland has a life expectancy of 100+ years. More than 60% of the cost of slating a roof involves labour, scaffolding and materials other than slate. These other costs apply even if the owner chooses to use salvaged slates, that in a few short years will be worn out, and needs to be replaced with a duplication of all the other associated installation charges. Using 100-year-old slates already near to the end of their effective life is not good economics. Newly quarried Trinity Heather provides a significant cost benefit.

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