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Roofing slate from Spain is produced and marketed at multiple levels of quality. The lowest level of quality is generally reserved for the lower end European domestic market. Second and third level quality material is shipped to the UK, Ireland, Australia and other export markets where price is the major determinant. It is not uncommon among these levels of production to find material that is roughly hewn, varying in texture and shape and containing deposits of calcium carbonate and iron sulphide.

Calcium carbonate if present will fluoresce as a white powder leaving the roof looking like a chequerboard and in extreme cases causing the stone to degenerate and crumble. A current example of this happening is the Prime Minister's Lodge in Canberra that was refurbished in 1986 with low quality Spanish Slate and had degenerated sufficiently to require replacement by 1998.

Iron sulphide (fool's gold) also appears in these lower grade slates as a gold granule which when exposed to the weather oxidises and bleeds over the roof as an unsightly red rust stain.

For more than 280 years Rathscheck Schiefer have been quarrying and producing high quality roofing slate for the German and European market. At present their quarries, supply some 60,000 metric tonnes of roofing slate per year throughout Europe. The best of this production, Cafersa Ultra Prime, comes with a 100-year guarantee and is reserved specifically for roofs where top quality long life material is required.

Rathscheck Schiefer's quarries are equipped with state of the art German machinery with operation and production supervised and controlled by German technicians. The level of technical expertise, supervision and quality control is similar to that for which other German manufacturing operations are renowned.

The term Ultra Prime describes what this material is. It is the highest quality Roofing slate material and is available in Australia from ROOFING SLATE WORX.  Cafersa Ultra Prime passes and exceeds all of the most stringent French and European tests and has been specified and used over many years for important European cultural and heritage projects.

Rathscheck Schiefer offers the customer's of RSW an in house technical advice and specification service to clients seeking to document and quantify roof and cladding projects. For more information contact us or go direct to:

Rathscheck Schiefer

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