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Since the time of Henry VIII, Burlington Stone has been quarried in the Lakeland district of the UK. It has been widely used on roofs throughout the UK, North America, and Australia. Westmorland Green from Burlington is the world's best green roofing slate as shown by a number of UK buildings where Burlington slates have kept both heritage buildings and small homes weatherproof for more than than 200 years.

Burlington blue grey and Westmorland Green are harder and denser than any other slates due to their origin as  basaltic volcanic dust. Due to their origin the texture and appearance of each of these slates provides a roof of unmatched beauty.

The sedimentary layers of volcanic ash, laid down in inland lakes and shallow seas both make Westmorland green slate the hardest, most durable slate know to man, as well as being truly unique in appearance. Larger and heavier ash particles would sink more quickly than smaller, lighter ash particles and this volcanic ash banding is a feature of Westmorland green slates with finer particles producing a progressively lighter shade of green. Where these sedimentary ash bedding planes have been disturbed by the metamorphic process then unique swirling bedding patterns can occur. Similarly, heavier, larger particles would settle faster and appear as isolated pebbling and slightly darker inclusions. These subtle variations in appearance have always been present in Westmorland green slates and have contributed much to the character and appearance of the roof slopes of many of the most prestigious building in the world over the 450 years that the material has been won from the quarries in the Lake District.

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