slate products
Cladding and vertical surfaces

Slate benefits from a number of highly practical properties. It is exceptionally durable, unaffected by extremes of temperature, and is highly resistant to acids, alkalis and all air and water borne pollutants. RSW slates retain their colour, even in UV light, and are impermeable to water. In addition, it is non-combustible and compatible with all other building materials.

RSW slates are a maintenance-free natural stone material unaffected by climate or environment. At a time of global warming RSW slates are the premium green building material.

• One hundred and fity year life expactancy.
• Significantly cheaper than other roofing materials when amortised over its
expected life span.
• Colourfast and unfading.
• Non combustible.
• Readily recyclable.
• Free of life shortening minerals and chemicals found in lesser quality roofing

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